The Kidult Life is a lifestyle brand designed to empower and encourage authenticity.

A kidult (kid + adult) is someone who is a kid at heart no matter where they are in life. Thus, kidulting is a reminder to embrace the kid that lives within and be fearless in who you are.

Why can’t we be like kids?

I know what you’re thinking, responsibilities. As we grow up more responsibilities are introduced. However, we are not defined by our responsibilities. We still have the ability and desire to imagine, play, and be ourselves. Somewhere on our journey we decide that these things are not acceptable even if it’s how we truly feel.

Why apparel?

“Clothing is a direct expression of who we are and how we feel. The Kidult Life is a lifestyle brand that allows others to express themselves with witty messages on t-shirts and accessories. The Kidult Life is for everyone in every space.”
-Dr. Amber

Our Founder

Dr. Amber Johnson Avery founded The Kidult Life after becoming the first Black Woman to earn a PhD in Computer Science from Purdue University. Dr. Amber, pioneered a path that has had an impact far greater than she could have imagined. Despite being in an environment that was not created for her, she faced and overcame challenges with curiosity and by simply being herself. Thus, she created The Kidult Life to encourage others to be themselves no matter the space they’re in!

Dr. Amber Johnson

First African American Woman PhD Graduate

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